Hotel & Gastronomic Consulting

"A hotel and gastronomic concept is basically a dynamic business plan. It acts as a guide when you need to make decisions and evaluate results.

An operating concept is necessary for every hotel and restaurant business if you want to win new customers, increase sales, reduce costs, optimize staff or develop a good marketing and communication concept.
Eytan Rothschild, Owner & Director


Culinary development & menu innovation

Developing recipes is my specialty.

With a deep understanding of how back-of-house efficiency can impact profits, we deliver practical menu items that balance distinctive flavors and presentations with reasonable food costs, high-profit contributions, and a focus on consistent execution.

The combination of science, psychology and mathematics provides the restaurant menu design solution, which influences guest behavior for optimized sales and processes.

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Event Organization

Advice and implementation

The planning of events is exciting and varied. After all, no two events are the same. The organization of events can quickly become a personal test for your own nerves and a great burden.

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Video Advertising

Moving Pictures

Video production offers many advantages: People are addressed significantly more than with still images. The implementation is very flexible in terms of format and playing time.

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Our services

Improve your guest satisfaction in your company and create a new service orientation.

With training courses and tools to increase your efficiency and secure your competitive advantage.

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