Event Organization


Advice and implementation
The planning of events is exciting and varied. After all, no two events are the same. The organization of events can quickly become a personal test for your own nerves and a great burden. The reasons for this can be complex; Bad planning, wrong timing, appointment collision, cancellation of event locations/event service providers, too few registrations, bad weather, illness-related absences, technical problems, too few staff. When organizing your event, I will work out ideas, design tasks and implementation for you; I will also advise you on communication.

Event logistics
The purchase of materials, storage, delivery and return, gentle assembly and dismantling and finally the final cleaning.

I take over all these tasks for you and tailor everything exactly to your needs. I also coordinate all employees, appointments and locations.

Events of all kinds
Companies, VIPs, children, public viewing, employees

Our services

Improve your guest satisfaction in your company and create a new service orientation.

With training courses and tools to increase your efficiency and secure your competitive advantage.

Contact details

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